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Boosting Productivity with Rowland Barkley
Boosting Focus and Productivity

Improve Focus and Productivity at a "Your Breakthrough!" Seminar

Energetic LiberationMany people that are having stress related issues take out some of their frustration by eating non-stop. When things become even more traumatic, it becomes impossible to focus on anything other than the situation at hand. Under these circumstances, people often find themselves unable to work, or even take care of basic needs properly. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the energetic traumas associated with these events serve to create implants and all sorts of negative energies that span decades and generations.

Even though stress responses are normal and expected, you can, and should still look for ways to help refocus yourself during these times. When you enroll in the Your Breakthrough! seminar with Rowland Barkley you will learn how to take control of you focus and actions. This, in turn, will help you harness your energies so that you can do all of the things you want to do. No matter how hard the first steps may seem, once you learn how to focus your attention and boost productivity, you can look forward to an endless number of rewards in your daily life.

Coping With Challenging Personal Situations

Falling TrainConsider a situation where you receive news that a family member is critically injured or sick. No matter how hard you try, it will be almost impossible to refrain from rushing to the hospital, or trying to do something to mitigate the situation. Once you arrive at the hospital, you are likely to find that you won't be able to do anything other than sit around and wait for medical providers and time to do their respective jobs. In the meantime, you may have left work early, left your children with a baby sitter, or created all kinds of changes in your plans.

While it may seem grossly insensitive, you also need to realize that the time spent doing nothing is time that you will never be able to get back. At the very least, being emotionally and spiritually prepared for these situations can help you to take the steps necessary to focus on the things that will bring benefit into your life. Oddly enough, once you get started on these things, the stress and worry associated with the catastrophic event will fade into the background.

Dealing With Social Expectations and the Burden of Stress

ExorcismThere is no question that society expects people to have an endless number of draining and disturbing emotional response. For example, if you watch TV or the movies, you will be shown endless examples of unhealthy and unproductive behaviors in time of crisis. Unfortunately, even as you are being bombarded by these images, it is almost impossible to recognize the fact that worry, stress, and disturbed emotions do not help to change the core aspects of the situation. In fact, the excessive negativity can actually make things worse. This is just one of the reasons why you need to attend a Your Breakthrough! seminar with Rowland.

As you learn how to go to the deepest aspects of yourself, you will soon recognize the harmful nature of all these unproductive behaviors. From there, you can begin to reframe yourself, and find ways to adjust your responses to traumatic situations. During this seminar, Rowland will also help your recognize a steady internal power and focus that can always be relied on. All you will need to do is allow yourself to make the choices that serve your highest good.

Implant explosionEach day thousands of people try go to work and try to pretend that they are actually accomplishing something. Thousands of others give up all pretense and simply sit around waiting for some external situation to come to resolution. In every case, these individuals can easily reframe their point of reference in order to pursue more productive activities. In fact, once people start engaging in more productive behaviors, one would hope that TV and movie based characters will also follow suit. At that point, you can rest assured that some of the most fundamental dysfunctions within society will finally begin to heal. Perhaps at that point, we will also see an enormous and beneficial shift that will bring about a deeper healing for the overarching human consciousness.

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